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There’s not much I love more than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning while getting my kiddos ready for school!  Coffee and I have a love/love relationship—meaning a drink it everyday and really can’t imagine life without it!  At least not a smooth productive life (lol).  Sometimes though when traveling, or on vacation, or while you’re at work, the ability to make the coffee “you love,” because let’s be honest here, not ALL coffee is created “equal” you have to go with whatever is available to you.  Well not any more!!! Copper Cow Coffee can go with you EVERWHERE because there is NO EQUIPMENT needed—only hot water!!!!

Not only is Copper Cow coffee easy to make, just set holder on top of your coffee mug and pour hot water on top (see picture below for example), it’s also delishish!   Before teaming up with this brand I had never tried Vietnamese coffee.  It kind of reminds me of french press coffee, very full-bodied and full of rich flavor!  Vietnamese coffee is also always served with condensed milk, so every coffee packet comes with its own individual creamer!  That makes this set up again very travel friendly!  My personal favorite has been the Churro latte, but Carl prefers the just black!   And if you prefer decaf, check out the decaf latte.


I was also drawn to Copper Cow coffee because it is female run, love supporting other boss babes!  The CEO is Vietnamese herself and always wanted to make Vietnamese coffee for everyone to enjoy that was eco- friendly, affordable, and delishish!  All off the filters and products used are eco-friendly and biodegradable! If you’re not a huge coffee lover, you can also give their tea a try!  They have chai spiced tea, Thai iced tea OR for those who love both, you can order the coffee and tea bundle.

For those who like grinding their own coffee for the freshest brew possible, this is not to miss.  Their premium Vietnamese coffee comes as dark roasted whole beans, and you may like it because it’s a blank canvas.  The possibilities are endless!  If you’re a coffee lover, someone who travels often, a busy mom on the go, or just looking to try a great tasting NEW eco-friendly and affordable coffee, checkout Copper Cow coffee and tea products, and let me know what you think!

xx, Abby