Wow you guys …. I’ve finally started my blog!!!! It’s only taken me 3 years on Instagram as a “fake” Fashion Blogger to actually start writing, but here I am! I’m late to everything else in my life so I might as well keep the streak going strong!

Let me start off my saying thank you for being here.. really.. we are all soooo busy these days and the fact that you took the time to come to this little spot of the world that I get to speak to you all directly.. share my thoughts, feelings, personal style, and my crazy unorganized life with you, really means so much to me. From the bottom of my heart babes.. I tell you this.. I wouldn’t be able to wake up everyday and do a job I love without YOU!!! One thing I think my parents did right for me growing up was love me of course .. but they also never coddled me, they were a little more “tough love” ish then what you see most of the time now a days.. including even my own parenting style now, but they always said to me.. you’re not “special” not in a “we don’t love you you’re not amazing kinda way” but in a “there are a million girls out there chasing their goals/dreams just like you kinda way… so what are YOU Abby going to do/be that will set you apart.. how are you going to make it all happen?!?! This kind of upbringing gave me a hello of a DRIVE ya’ll … it made me from a young age be the kind of girl who was never the most talented, smartest, prettiest, etc… but I worked HARD! I thank them for that.

I want this first blog post to really give you guys a better glimpse into who I am, what makes me tick, and maybe give you a little better understanding of why I started my Instagram account three years ago. I want to accomplish with this amazing platform you all have joined me on.

Before I get into why I started my blog I want to tell you all a little bit more about me. You probably already feel like you know me quite well if you’ve been following me on Instagram.. watching my stories etc.. but just in case here are my life stats. I’m 34 and I’ve been married for 7 years to the love of my life… I have 3 children. The oldest is Neva, she’s 8, then Helena, she’s 5, and my baby boy Thomas… who is 5 and will be starting kindergarten here in the next few days… Q the tears… because he will always no matter how old he gets be my baby!


I live in a very small Midwest town in Michigan where I was born and raised! I’m proud to be a small town girl and feel like it’s made me into the person that I am. I always thought growing up that this town was too small for my “big dreams” but as I traveled I never found myself feeling as settled as I did in my hometown… so here I stay!

I’ve always loved clothes and fashion for as long as I can remember! The goal of a lot of kids when they start their first job is to save up for a car… mine was to have the best wardrobe I could! Skipping quite a few years ahead now … after having my second child.. I tried working from home as a recruiter for a large home health and hospice company. Have you all ever tried making cold calls to people with a 3 year old running around and a newborn on your lap…ya… it’s about as easy as it sounds! So after having a long heart to heart with myself and then my husband.. yes I have elaborate conversations with myself often LOL, I decided to become a full time stay at home mom. Being a stay at home mom is HARD! I mean… being a working mom is hard too… being a mom and a woman is HARD in general…but being a SAHM was really hard for me you guys.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this fact to you ladies, because I know being a SAHM is a goal or dream of a lot of women out there, including friends of mine, but their families cannot financially afford it so they have to work. But being home all day with my little’s, with no adult interaction, no accolades, no paycheck, no quiet lunches… I felt like I lost “Abby” I no longer knew who “I” was or if “I” even existed any more outside of my family. I knew I wanted to be home with my kiddos and I knew I didn’t want to miss a moment… not a first step, not a first word, not a first soccer game… but I knew I needed a creative outlet for myself. I tried to think about a career that combined a flexible schedule where I could work at home and be the mom and wife I wanted to be yet also something that fed my soul and that I was truly passionate about! I knew I also had a deep desire to connect with other women in a real and meaningful way. And that was how my Instagram account started!


When I first started my Instagram you guys… I had NO CLUE what I was doing! And in all honesty… I still don’t!!! I have no tricks and I’m horrible with technology… but what I lack in these areas I would like to think I make up for in raw passion and an unwavering desire to succeed! My first pictures were taken by my oldest child, who at that time was only 5 years old. Want a good laugh… go back at look at those pictures! If they weren’t taken by her, then they were probably taken by my babysitter, who was my saving grace in those days… and was the only reason I stayed sane during these years when my babies where ALL under the age of 5! I would say to my husband… this is driving me crazy… and he’d say… well at least it’s a short drive! LOL


I didn’t make ANY money the whole first year i started Instagram! Another fact that is slightly embarrassing to admit, but is the truth, and it’s always been a hard fact for me that I want to be totally transparent with you all! I think it’s also important to share with you…so that you know this didn’t happen “over night” at least not for me… and I’ve put everything I have into this dream of mine. I hid boxes of clothes from my husband for a year and hustled to sell my clothes that I’d already taken pictures in to my friends… all trying to keep this dream going… because I knew it was what I was meant to do.

Here’s a few things I want this space to always be… HONEST, maybe sometimes to a fault, and at some point I will probably say something that will rub you the wrong way or offend you… so.. I apologize in advance! (My heart is always in the right place) 💗 I promise I will never play it safe and I will always be true to myself! I will put my followers first.. and never advertise or endorse anything I’m not 100% behind!

My goal is to post as often as I can while juggling my daily responsibilities as a mother & wife while still keeping up with my daily posts on Instagram. I’d also like to incorporate a portion of this blog where I discuss some real life topics that we all have dealt with. I promise to incorporate all the popular items you all have been asking for on my instagram, like how I style my hair, what kind of make up products I use, skin care, home decor… you name it lets talk about it on my blog!!!! I want to talk about real life, everyday topics, that we all deal with. I want to talk about being a mom, I want to talk about being married, I want to talk about struggling with an eating disorder, I want to talk about anxiety, I want to talk about empowering other women, I want to talk about work/life balance, I want to talk about IT ALL!!!! All the shit that no one else talks about on social media… especially in the perfect world of being a “fashion blogger” In other words…. lets make this space REAL. I hope you all will stay tuned!

In closing, of my first ever blog post, I want to say thank you! I want to say thank you to those followers who have been with me since the “Neva picture taking days” who could look past the poor picture quality and appreciate the woman I was and the personal style. I want to say hello to my new followers… and say thanks for joining me on my “insta ride” I want to say thank you to my family and friends… without you all, you know who you are, I would have quit this Instagram/blog world a years ago! Thank you for pushing me, for taking my pictures in the freezing cold, and for believing in me when I had stopped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my followers who “like” my pictures, and who purchase my clothes that I link, and who leave me sweet comments every day! Without YOU my dream would not be a reality! THANK YOU 💗💗💗

️ xx, Abby